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“An insightful book on the Do’s & Dont’s of CRAPS.”

The action is at the craps table. The noise is from the craps table. The excitement is at the craps table. Go to the casino and where is the fun at? At the craps table. Money comes fast and it goes fast. If you don’t know what you are doing the table can be brutal.

If you can make your wagers mechanical with a sensible money management technique, you will greatly improve your chances of winning or at a minimum reducing your losses should the table suddenly go against you.

Although this publication is not a guarantee that you will never lose again, it will teach you how to wager with a sound statistical advantage. Making smart wagers means giving yourself a probable and possible advantage, with sound statistics on your side.

Order this book today and I will guarantee that it will change your style at the craps table. It’s not always how much you win that counts, what’s important is how much you do not lose.

The cost of this publication is a small price to pay to improve your skills and knowledge at the tables. Also included is a free odds and wagering card taking the guesswork out of how much to wager on each number combination.

Look forward to seeing you at the felt, playing smart and winning!

Craps America Do's and Dont's

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